Making a difference

I am a big supporter of charitable causes. I make it a big part of my life and encourage others to get involved in helping other in any way they can. I am a member of the Board of Directors for the organization The Miracles of Hope Network ( which I am very honored to be a part of. I also feature a new organization every week on my forum which can be visited from my web site

We also hear a lot about philanthropy work done by athletes, including the Red Sox, but how much of what they do is for public relations purposes only? Several players from the Sox are well known for helping charitable causes and I have no doubts that they would be just as active if the media attention was not there. They have a strong drive to help others and with the financial freedom to do so they have managed to make quite an impact on the world. There are also those players who set up foundations and never do anything with them, or mismanage them. They may do it for tax breaks or to help their image, but in the end they have failed to take advantage of one of the best chances to make a difference in this world.

I am grateful the Red Sox are an organization that include people active in making a difference in the community and the entire planet from the very top in the ownership team to the players as well as employees. I am honored to be a fan of a team that makes helping others a concern that goes beyond public relations.

Is there a specific player that you admire for their philanthropy work? Anyone in the organization that has inspired you to get involved in helping others? Let me know what has made the biggest impact on you.


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