Moving Forward

Another Red Sox win to celebrate! This season has so far been a huge emotional boost, right when I needed it. I’ve mentioned before how baseball has always been there to get me through the rough times and these past few months have been no exception. With my brother and my husband in the hospital at the same time… but in different states… the Sox giving me something positive on a (nearly) daily basis was my life saver. Thankfully things are calming down, somewhat… for now.

My hope is that things continue to get better and it gives me more time to put towards my blog. I also want to make this blog a little different than most other blogs by not being someone who merely states what happened in the last game or beating to death topics that are covered in mass amounts by writers everywhere. I figure you have already seen or heard about the last game and probably have already come across the topic of the moment. This doesn’t mean I won’t sound off on topics I feel strongly about if they are also being covered heavily in other blogs and the media, just that I don’t want this blog to become a mundane repeat of everything else out there. I want to include things that will be creative and informative… fun as well as educated. Feel free to offer suggestions. I’m always open to new ideas.

I also wanted to shamelessly plug a Web site… Willow’s Book Corner ( You will find something for everyone, great selection at the low prices you find from Amazon (it’s an Amazon affiliate site). There is also breaking news and sports news as well as free online games (addictive for someone like me), and owned by a Red Sox fan. Support a fellow Sox fan, check it out.


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